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Cell Phone Spoils Party Plans, Neighbor Sues

Barlettsville, Wyoming-- Kaitlin Edwards was planning a special surprise party for her husband John, and she made all her friends promise not to breathe a word of the party to John. But invitee Melody Phipps couldn't help but mention the upcoming party to one of her friends as she chatted on her cordless phone in the backyard of her home, two houses down from the Edwards' home.

John Edwards, an avid user of a police scanner, overheard the cordless phone conversation, and told his wife that he knew all about the party. Now Kaitlin Edwards is suing her former friend for spoiling the surprise party.

"I told her to keep her big fat mouth shut," Mrs. Edward said at the District Courthouse on Monday, "but no, she had to get on the phone and blab it all over. Now the surprise is ruined."

A long-time friend said that Mrs. Phipps' telephone equipment had been purchased by her ex-husband David during their marriage, and that Mrs. Phipps had been unaware that cordless phone conversations could be overheard using inexpensive scanner radio sets. "Melody does everything over the phone," said friend Susan Nedly, "the fact that anyone else could hear her 'private' conversation comes as a big shock to her. You'd think that David would have told her that, at least after the divorce."

Neither Mrs. Phipps nor her attorney could be reached for comment. Preliminaries at the Courthouse are set for the 19th of this month.

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